How do you use Email Templates in Karbon

  • 4 July 2023
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I’m hoping to get some great ideas on where I should incorporate the “email template” in my workflow. Since not having this feature when I started Karbon 7 mths ago, I’ve made my own work-arounds using “work” and sending client tasks in lieu of sending an email. Can’t wait to see what everyone’s doing!


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Here’s some situations we could have used it recently:

  • New employee onboarding - we send a templated email to both their personal and company email account with instructions to set up their tools
  • Notifications of delivery dates - our expected delivery dates for bookkeeping each month is business days. We will send emails to clients with “this month the 10th business day is the 15th” to make it clear
  • Process changes - we made a change to how we needed clients to use Dext so we sent templated emails to all those clients with details
  • Office closures - e.g. holiday days open/closed


  • If there is an action the client needs to take, we would use a client request list
  • If we are just notifying the client (or others), we would use an email template
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@Rebecca Williams thanks for your reply. How do you use the template for an “email blast” for example office closure? … or do you have to go into each company profile in Karbon and then send the email template from there? Can we create email “distribution lists” similar to how you can in Outlook?

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@Cynthia Vincze we haven’t actually done it yet using templates! In the past we’ve sent some directly from Gmail and pasted email addresses into the BCC field. Karbon doesn’t have a distribution/group email function so I think we’ve just exported contact lists, filtered by whatever we need and then copy/paste emails.


I’m using it when I send any email very regularly. Instead of copying it and pasting it in, I just use the saved template. 

Eg. we send our clients emails about confirmation statements yearly and they are always the same, so it makes sense to just use a template and write in the client’s name

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I had a call with Ernesto last week. He said the email template could be used for client onboarding, for example where you’re sending everyone the same, what to expect, maybe the same email with training links or instructions.

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I was a little disappointed with this release, I’m waiting for emails to be able to be added as part of a work item instead of client request section. 

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I’ve got 19 of them set up, such as (with naming convention): 

  • Bookkeeping - month-end automated request - we’ve had clients comment back to our request reminders so we have a simple email to tell them it’s an automated email if they ever get snippy 
  • Bookkeeping - month-end completed - an email sent to clients when we complete their month-end. 
  • Bookkeeping - monthly 1st review - an email sent to clients when we’re starting our 1st review. 
  • Bookkeeping - monthly 2nd review - ane mail sent to clients when we’re starting our 2nd review. 
  • Bookkeeping - notice of assessment - no action - telling clients they have no action on their notice of assessment (I'm in Canada). 
  • General - 15/30/60-minute meeting - Brian - 3 separate emails with links to my calendar. 
  • General - buy-time - let a client know we’re reviewing their message and we need more time. 
  • General - decline meeting async - let a contact know we’d rather respond async before we agree to a meeting. 
  • General - follow-up - a follow-up email to a contact. 
  • Marketing - net promoter score NPS - requesting a client to complete our NPS survey. 
  • Sales - Discovery Call - Brian - asking a lead to book a discovery call. 
  • Sales - not a fit lead - telling a lead they aren’t a fit for our services. 
  • Sales - proposal follow-up 1 - moving forward - simple one liner “what’s preventing you from moving forward?”
  • Sales - proposal follow-up 2 - given up - simple one liner “have you given up on this?”
  • Sales - proposal review meeting - Brian - a link to book a proposal review meeting with me. 
  • Sales - referral email - asking a client if they know anyone they can refer to us. 
  • 5 additional emails related to a workflow improvement service I offer.