Filtering by Client Groups - Only The First Client Group Shows Up in My Work Filter

  • 20 December 2021
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Does anyone else have problems filtering Work views by Groups when more than one Client Group is linked to an entity?


We usually link all related entities to one client Client Group but recently we started receiving a number of referrals from a specific referrer.  With this in mind we set up a separate Client Group for that referrer and started linking it to the entities that he referred.  


While it's obviously possible to have more than one client group linked to an entity, the problem is that tracking the client work using the Client Group Work Filter seems to be intermittent.  I've  noticed that they don't all show up in my Work Filter.  I'm  not quite sure why but I think it has something to do with the order that I've added the Client Group.  Only the first client group added seems to show up in my Work Filters.


Any thoughts or ideas about why this would be happening would be most appreciated. 

5 replies

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Yes @Nancy this is an issue.  I don’t think it’s related to when you add the client group though I think it may be alphabetical - I have not tested this yet, so far we avoided having more then one client group per entity for this very reason, but it is limiting.

I wonder if you prioritized the client groups you could solve the issue.  That way you could be sure that all work shows up where it is needed as long as the #1 priority group is assigned to every client.

For us it might look like this.

Each Package - our #1 Client Group could be set up 

Client-Gold or Client-Silver or Client-Bronze

and if we wanted to set up Referring partners it might look like

Ref-John Smith or  Ref-Suzie Q, or Ref Victoria P.

Thinking out loud here but this is what I am considering as we look at multiple client groupings in the future. 

Let me know if you try it out.

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I would love to see the addition of “tags” for contacts so that client segmentation could be done through tags (and then those tags synced up with Mailchimp or other marketing tools).

As far as the Gold, Silver, Bronze categorization, we are using contact types for that.

Does that help at all?

We found the same problem this week. A client was tagged to two different client groups but the work items only listed under one of the two groups. To solve we updated the client record to include on the primary client group.


To dev team, if a client is tagged to multiple client groups it would be great to see the work items listed when either client group is selected.

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Our wonderful partners at Karbon have updated an article on this topic.  I would recommend you read through this and see if that helps with your issue. 

If the above article doesn’t solve your issue, please reach out to support.  They would be more than happy to help you resolve your issue.  The chat feature is really helpful and they respond to most questions within a few minutes.  This is one of my favorite Help features.

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O man this is really frustrating. I’m glad to have found this thread, but this is so illogical and doesn’t make any sense!!

We need groups to track multiple aspects and need to be able to filter by all of them, as you’d expect when choosing to filter by a group.

  • Clients that are related entities (e.g. intercompany relationships, same)
  • Clients that are owned by the same work team
  • Clients that come from the same referral programme and have the same engagement/special reports

We already use Contact Type to track how they flow through from Onboarding > Catchup >  Live or Project so that isn’t an option either.

I’ve also discovered going through this process that there is client work that is not “assigned a client group even though the client to whom the work is assigned is part of a group (or multiple groups), so if we were to filter by groups we can’t even tell what work isn’t picked up.


I’ve submitted a feature request here. I really hope this is something they fix and isn’t a “feature” as I can’t see the logic behind doing it this way… :thinking: