Dealing with "for later - reading" type of emails in Karbon

  • 15 September 2021
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We all get various emails with newsletters, blogs etc., things we may want to put “in a pile” and perhaps read once a week, maybe at the end of each day.

I want to set up a way to clear these from Triage but have a nice virtual “pile” to go to when I have my reading time scheduled. I would like that “pile” to be in Karbon rather than in Outlook. Anybody has a smart system for this?

I know I can add these to my To Do list but I am not loving the To Do list function, I way prefer the Work Kanban view but that would require me turning these emails into “Work” which does not make much sense. I am guessing I could set up a private client “Reading” and add each such email to this client and then check it through the To do list when I am ready.

But if anyone has any other process that they love for themselves for this I would love to hear it. Thanks!


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I have handled this by creating a private, internal contact for myself using my title as the contact name. and under that contact I have work orders where I can park items to read later.

I have a General Articles to Read work order but I have also created work orders for specific Newsletters like Karbon’s Practice Excellence that comes out weekly and another one for Atomic Habits for example.  By setting up defined work orders or parking lots the timelines don’t get too cluttered.

These work orders have no due date in my case, so they live at the bottom of my To-Do list.  If you wanted to group these emails by date you could set up the work order with a schedule and due dates.

I usually skim the topics in the newsletter or email before I assign it and if something catches my eye I will add a comment about that before I clear it so when I go back I tend to start with the reading that already caught my eye.

When I have the time I will go to that work order and pick and choose the articles that I want to read from the timeline.  

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I do something similar to Victoria, but with Webinars! I created a contact in Karbon visible to the entire team called “Webinar Archives.” I’ll attach any webinar recordings to this Contact that are worth saving to watch later, rewatch a second time, share with the team, or include in future internal trainings.

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I like this topic. I've put in a feature request on this topic already. My suggestion was to take the Low Priority feature and split it into two: (1) Low Priority and (2) Spam/Junk


Currently I route a lot of the items you discussed into Low Priority to get back to "someday". However all spam/junk filters to Low Priority too. This causes Low Priority to be too crowded. If we could filter spam/junk somewhere else then I feel Low Priority feature could accomplish what you are describing. 


If you like that direction,  submit a feature request to split Low Priority into: (1) Low Priority and (2) Spam/Junk

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Feature suggestions:

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What I do is I create a work item and name it “Learning” then tag those emails to these certain work items so I can go back whenever I want to read them. 

So all the emails that I tagged under this work item will always be in the work timeline. Also, you can use whatever name you want as long as you won’t forget. 

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If you set up the work item for these, how do you ever mark them off once read? Do you untag it?


Would be great if it could go to a task in a work item.


Would be great if Karbon addressed this issue given it is likely very common.

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Hi all! If you haven’t checked it out yet, we just released a new feature called ‘Later’ where you can add any item from Triage into ‘Later’ to do…. later! 



Save for later is great…. BUT, Karbon needs to move such emails out of The Outlook inbox into a separate Later folder in Outlook. No point leaving them in the Outlook inbox. 

Hi all! If you haven’t checked it out yet, we just released a new feature called ‘Later’ where you can add any item from Triage into ‘Later’ to do…. later! 



Hey Amelia,

Can you please get Karbon to also move ‘later’ items out of Outlook inbox into a designated ‘later’ inbox subfolder…. then archive it when archived in Karbon.