Client Manager vs Client Owner

  • 19 August 2021
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Curious to know how everyone uses the Client Manager vs Client Owner vs Other Colleagues on a client. 


We put tasks on organizations for bookkeeping and I’ve been assigning the Client Manager as the Bookkeeping Manager on my team. Other colleagues are then the bookkeeping team working on that client.


How do you use these fields in your Karbon account?

7 replies

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We are still working through what works best for us, but currently we do the following:

  • Client Owner = CPA that is in charge for the client
  • Client Manager = Team member responsible for the accounting/tax work
  • Other = Our admin team and bookkeeping or payroll 

We are small with only 9 at our firm though, so I can see how this is could present a challenge for larger firms.  

Maybe send a feature request to add more customizable team selections?  I know the Karbon team looks at the suggestions at least monthly!

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My firm is bookkeeping only (no CPA work), so it’s slightly different:

  • Client Owner = Team lead that is responsible for managing a whole portfolio of clients
  • Client Manager = Client lead that is responsible for making sure everything is getting done for that one client
  • Other = Other bookkeepers who work on that client

This ends up working really well in the Kanban view, because if I filter by client owner (me) I can see all the Work items for my team.  I actually have multiple saved views where I further filter by Work type.  For example, halfway through the month I can filter by client owner (me) and Work type Monthly Close, and it will show me the clients are still needing work on closing the month.  If I want to see how my client leads are doing, I can further filter by client manager.

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We are a small UK firm (14 team members) and we set this up as follows:


Client owner (either partner)

Client manager - one of the managers responsible for all the client work

other - anyone else who may be involved on the day to day work.


We found that having a client owner set as the person responsible set as the owner, didn’t help when that employee left. By setting this up this way has provided us with the best visibility within the firm for us, and like @BrooksW I use different reporting to navigate jobs etc.

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We are a REALLY small bookkeeping firm with a team of 3 including me, lol (as opposed to small being 9 -14).  I came here because i am trying to figure out how to use the Client Manager and Client Owner roles on contacts. 

Seems like right now, they are both me!  Which is kind of stinky.   

Until we have a greater need or someone can move into a “Bookkeeping Operations Manager” role, I think it will have to stay this way.

We use these contact  fields mainly for managing who is responsible for what client and to have the ability via a contact download to view each team members book of business, Additionally in the Skype field we put the monthly retainer for each client. Makes it easier to see what monthly dollar amount each CPA/Client Owner is responsible for.

  • Client Owner = CPA that is responsible for managing the client
  • Client Manager = Bookkeeper assigned to do the bookkeeping
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I made a feature request related to this awhile back, as Client Owner and Client Manager aren’t role names we use in our firm which makes it confusing, and it sounds like this is also unclear for others who don’t have a traditional structure. We also want to be able to assign more than two roles at the client level to make it really clear who is doing what for each client. Give it a vote if you think it would help!


Client Owner = accountable for the relationship

Client Manager = accountable for the work

An individual could be both.