Can I assign priority levels to the Work Dashboard? (i.e High, Normal, Low priority levels)

  • 16 August 2023
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As a first year user, I am trying to understand if I am able to assign something like a High/Normal/Low priority to projects/assignments/tasks so when a client calls in needing immediate attention, the project doesn’t get lost in the entire WIP task list.


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Hi @Allan Dorff - we do a similar thing using Contact Types. The Work View can then be filtered to show all work assigned to clients with the priority Contact Type. See article here.


Alternatively, if you are already using Contact Types for another purpose, you could also try creating a group. A word of warning though, a work item can only belong to one group so work views filtered by a client group can’t be relied on for this. It sounds like your main need is to easily see the clients in a priority group though, so you could open the client’s profile when you have a call, and see which group they are, rather than using the work view as your starting point. See this article about creating groups and this one about the work view limitation


Hope that gives you some options to consider and test!

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@Rebecca Williams I suspect it’s not a case of the client being “priority” but a/any client has called and asked if their work (e.g. 2023 tax return) can be completed asap (for finance or another reason) and wanting to show that specific work item as priority.

Unfortunately not @Allan Dorff, the only way you can is by updating the due date - noting that bringing one due date forward does not affect others, so it’s still only useful relative to other work items (that may also be due soon but are not higher priority). You could add a feature idea: to have a “Priority Level” field for a work item 🙂

One other thought, is you could have a Work Status called “High Priority” under In Progress. Then change a work item to that when it was a priority. This would make it stand out and able to be filtered on, but you lose use of all other statuses for that work item while it’s in that status.

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@SamG @Allan Dorff in that case, you could also pin a note on the timeline. This means you can add context i.e. “return needs to be delivered by xxx because client will be out of country” or something. If used in addition to the due date, it can help if people are trying to plan work. Pinning it is an important step so it shows in the pop-up work summary (if you use that feature!).

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Totally agree with the power of pinned notes - love those! Unfortunately doesn’t solve the issue of it not being flagged on the Work view (which is probably where most people will use information to decide what to do) 😓 

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So, this is probably not what you are looking for, but we want to handle all work with a First in, First out flow, regardless of priority. We are a long way from accomplishing this lofty goal, but we noticed that a fair portion of our “low priority” work was completely neglected. We are employing all of our creative resources to increasing the rate that all work flows through the office in a single stream instead of different streams for low and high priority items.

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@Allan Dorff I would vote for this feature idea!

I love the Pinned notes as well, especially since you can see them in the My Week view, this combo could be helpful until the Priority feature is in play.