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  • 31 May 2023
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I am curious on how everyone captures notes during an unexpected phone call or meeting?  We use google docs to take notes and then add them to our client’s timeline, but I struggle when a client calls and I do not have our note section open.  I end up writing it on a piece of paper and that does not always get attached to the karbon work for me colleagues to see.  What are some options that you use?

5 replies

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Hi @Nikki Diddens, welcome to the Karbon community! 😁

We have struggled with wide adoption, but some of our staff just open Karbon and add a new note when a phone call comes in.

I also built a little iOS shortcut that adds notes to Karbon from other sources, meaning I’ll open the Apple Notes app on my phone, take my notes, then “Share” to my little shortcut and it populates a note assigned to me or someone on my team.

I have also experimented with keyboard shortcuts that open a Karbon webpage to a new note from anywhere on my computer. I don’t use that often because I find the first two work really well for me.


Thank you for your suggestions, I will pass this along to my team.  Using the note function in a call is a great idea instead of paper.  I always seem to resort back to paper and am trying my best to not do that.

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Paper is also a great option. I’ve used the “Scan text” on my phone a couple times to quickly capture written notes, then share them to a karbon note.

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I’m not sure if this feature has been released yet, but we participated in the Slack - Karbon integration beta testing.  You can take notes in Slack and then transfer those notes to Karbon.  It can be posted as a note to the Timeline of a contact or the Timeline of a work item.  You can also assign the notes to yourself or another colleague.  We love this feature.

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Max - how are you sharing the notes in karbon? I can scan text but not sure where to go from there. I appreciate the help!