Best Practice: How I remind myself of an email

  • 30 November 2020
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When I send out an email to a client, I typically start the email from a timeline rather than using the global + button in the upper right hand corner to create a new email.

One of the main reasons I do that is if I’m expecting a reply or something back from the client, I can change the status of the email to "Waiting" or "Waiting for Client" in the information tray. I can then assign the email to myself, give it a to-do date of the day that I want to follow up with them and then also include a due date (if I've set a due date for the client). 

This allows me to go into my to-do list and sort my list by status so I can see all the emails where I'm waiting for a client.

What do you do to remember emails??

4 replies

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I have never thought of doing this - great idea

does it also work for notes or just emails?

i’ve saved with the team & will report back if it has helped them

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I love this, I have not used the waiting for information from client status this way. 

I also like to add a comment when I assign any email to myself or a colleague to highlight any details or why I have assigned it.  Particularly useful if the email is long.

There have been many times where I have looked at an email saved in my To Do list and I have forgotten why it is there….

This does work on Notes as well - you just need to make sure that the statuses you want are assigned to Notes and Emails through the Default Work Types.


I know the post is old - but I was struggling with this myself and what worked for me is BCCing myself - then the email lands in my own triage from there you can just follow normal reminder process. 

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How have I not seen this before?  It’s so clever @CarlaCaldwell , thanks for sharing this 3 years ago 😄 and for @Michael Pirumov  for bringing it back to current.