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  • 25 March 2022
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If you frequently need to @ Mention the same group of Colleagues you should consider creating one of these and adding them as members? Work team, colleague, client team or team?

3 replies

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It depends on your set up and what you are trying to achieve.


We have a couple of teams and use those to mention groups. We have our bookkeeping team and accountants so have them set up as a work team. 


If there are are the same group of people working on certain projects, we use @team and if we want to contact everyone we use @all


Hope that helps.

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We love the @mention feature in Karbon and use it extensively in our comments. We do have them set up for all of our internal teams (departments) as well as different subsets of team members. Very useful!

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We use this feature all the time. We have it for different teams (accounts, bookkeeping, admin ect) and then a @all one as-well.  it is easier and quicker than sending an email to specific team members and is very useful in the comments section.