Add notes to Karbon from your iPhone with the push of a button using speech to text

  • 10 November 2022
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I got a little side project up and running last night. It’s an iPhone shortcut that you can add to Siri or your phone’s home screen. It asks you to dictate a message then adds it to Karbon as a note. You have the option to set the author, assignee, and a few other parameters.

Link: Add Karbon note from iPhone shortcut (tap from iPhone)

Use case

  • After a client meeting while ideas are fresh, tap this button on the ride home and spill all the details for an assistant or admin to get started right away. Great for between multiple meetings on the same day.
  • A fellow staff member walks by and tells you something important about a client… pull out phone and dictate yourself a note to hit your triage later for when you are back at your desk.
  • Get a text message on your phone while golfing (I hate golf) and add a note to Karbon quickly instead of leaving the text unread/forgotten.

Things you’ll need

  • An iPhone
  • API Application Key and Bearer Token - register
  • Patience 😉


  1. Gather your application key and bearer token
  2. Click the link above to download the shortcut template
  3. Select your dictation options (end on pause, button press, etc.)
  4. Enter your application key and bearer token
  5. “Edit” the shortcut follow the instructions in the comments to add author and assignee email addresses

What do you think? Is this usable?

2 replies

I use an android, but I would love to see this type of thing in Karbon.  I use dictation in other apps but don’t want to copy and paste into emails, etc.

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I’m certain Tasker app on Android could be used to do this, but I don’t have an Android phone to use for development and testing.