Updates to KPI Budget workbook refines budget tracking and enhances data accuracy

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The Karbon Practice Intelligence Budget workbook has been improved based on customer feedback. It has been designed to consolidate your budget tracking, enhance data quality, and simplify clean-up procedures, all of which contribute to optimizing your bottom line.

With this new version, you can track your budgets in real-time or retrospectively once they have been completed. Client level and employee level roll-ups have been introduced, which enable you to easily identify areas and individuals that are exceeding the budget. Ultimately, this workbook helps you focus on what truly matters for your financial success.

What’s more, data quality and clean-up features are now integrated directly into the workbook. The new Data Quality tab allows you to quickly identify any potential discrepancies in your Karbon data that might affect your reporting. This empowers you to swiftly and conveniently perform a clean-up process. 

The ability to filter work items without budgets has also been added, ensuring you can still make the most of the report before conducting a clean-up.


Thanks @Logan Baillie, where do we get it? 🙂

Looking forward to the updates, @Logan Baillie! Will you be emailing us the new updated workbook?

Looking forward to the updates, @Logan Baillie! Will you be emailing us the new updated workbook?

I received it via email from Dee approx 5 hours after this post 😅 I feel like that’s happened before, announcement of workbook, wait, ask where and then email appears hehe

@SamG Good to know, it’s still not in my inbox but I’m hopeful it will be soon 😎


This is exciting.  We will be looking for this in our inboxes soon.  Then it will be time to get our hands messy and do a little clean-up work!💪🏼

@SamG @DianeK it should be out now as @SamG mentioned! If you haven’t received, please let me know and I will email it to you directly!

@Logan Baillie  Thank you, Logan.  I checked with my boss, and she has the link to download it.  I loved the video that came with it explaining how to use the new workbook. This will help us get our time and budget details updated.