Updated Karbon Practice Intelligence (KPI) Work Status workbook

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Updated Karbon Practice Intelligence (KPI) Work Status workbook



The updated Work Status workbook has come a long way from its first release 6 months ago.

New filters have been added, including work type, client, and client manager, in addition to the existing ones for time and status. Your custom statuses have also been included to give you a deeper understanding into your process.

The workbook is designed to help you identify how the status of your work has progressed over time and how your firm has performed to date. After selecting the desired work type(s), you can quickly see your average completion time and how that has changed over time, how much work was completed, and how much of that work was completed on time. 

Not only can you drill into average completion times and understand which work items took the longest, but you can see how this varies by client, client manager, or even who was assigned the work. This helps you understand where the bottlenecks are and where you could make adjustments.

To see the workbook in action, watch this video

The power of these workbooks increases when combined. For example, when you combine the Work Outstanding workbook, with the Work Status workbook, you can see all the work due and apply lessons learned from the Work Status workbook. You can use the Work Status workbook to understand which clients' work traditionally take the longest and account for this in the Work Outstanding workbook.

To experience the power of the other workbooks refer to release notes dated Nov 17, 2022

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