Product Recap 2022 webinar

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Thanks to all who joined me and our Product Managers on our 2022 recap webinar.

It was great to see so many familiar names on the call. For those who weren’t able to join us live, we recapped on our key improvements in 2022, including a sneak peek at Billing and Payments coming in 2023.

Catch up on the recording to see:

  • Insights and KPI

  • Triage

  • My Week

  • Client Portal

  • Document Management

  • Time

  • API

  • Billing & Payments


We’d love to hear what you think, and any questions or feedback you have. You can add your thoughts in the comments below.


Love all the new features and changes this year. They only feature I still desperately need is the document management through Google Drive. 

Great webinar.  I learned a few new tips.  I love the new request suggestion feature, especially the ability to create a new contact within the sending feature. This will save me so much time.  I can’t wait to see what new and wonderous things are coming in 2023.

@DianeK Nothing come in 2023 so far.

I desperately check release of new updates and improvements, but nothing for 4 months already. Like what Karbon did the monthly update in last year, though not addressing major issues, but at least showing hopes and positive attitude and right direction.

Since November last year, nothing come out. Just noted that Karbon didn't even give a preview on development roadmap like it did at the end of 2021.

I don't know what Karbon is doing. karbon is lost in direction, or not manage development team well. Should new feature development team, and improvements team been separated??

In last nearly 2years with Karbon, karbon's model is not good. Developing some new feature, then leave it half baked and unfinished. Then develop another new feature, and then make it a half-baked and unfinished. 

So far, all of the major modules are full of bugs and issues for such a long time with no change. To name a few: 



- bugs and issues with confusing privacy

- for unknown reason, some message cannot be cleared by click tick, has to manually mark it completed and cleared.

- cannot receive email if it was accidentally put in junk mail 

- no email template…


My week

- duplicate with tasks, and it is not straightforward to understand how these work is allocated to week, and it still require mannual movement . Not good for junior staff.

- calendar integration not fully functional.



- API is messy

- interface and management  are clumsy. Time waste on a lot of things, like the column is not sortable, like the client information set up is everywhere, need a lot of clicks to put in accounting details etc.

- no basic CRM

.- API is messy, cannot sync with other system, like Xero , even through developer, since the API is so messy 


Work and tasks

- work and tasks are really clumsy

- it needs a lot of setup , while no restriction on who can setup the work.

- work does not have work manager

- capacity planning is limited, as it does not support staffing planning by day and % of their capacity required 

- Task due date, work due dates, all are messy messed up together, as everyone  can change due date, and nobody respect deadline anymore 



- charge rate cannot be setup for each staff, very unusual and not consistent with industry practice.

- utilisation rate calculation is wrong, not counting the start date or ending date of an employee



- KPI in it is not tailerable , and can not be drilled down

- period of the KPI only for recent 3 -4 month, cannot get result for a period with starting date and end date, literally make the feature has no practical use.



- User rights is too rough, should limit client creation, work creation, due date change to manager level 
























@MikeLiang  I know they have been concentrating on getting billing and invoicing completed.  It should be released soon.  I have been told in multiple meetings that once that has been released, the team will start working on other improvements to the program.

I highly recommend reaching out to your Client Success Manager. He or she can help you work through some of your issues and help you get the most out of the software.  Ours has always been extremely helpful.  She has helped us update our client database, update our work templates, and function more efficiently. 

I also recommend doing chat support.  I have never been disappointed with this service.  Even if they tell me what I am asking cannot be done, they always offer a solution or workaround for my issue.

I also recommend the ask a peer feature here in the community.  If there is something you need the program to do, but can’t figure out how to accomplish, ask here.  Someone in the community will have a solution.  It will probably be @max.  He is my go-to advice guy for anything Karbon.