New options for Automators and more!

Today's release includes a new side tray to provide you with more critical information with fewer clicks, added flexibility when setting up automators, direct access to Karbon Community, and improvements to the Timer.


A new information side tray

The side tray that appears on every email, note, task or client task has been redesigned, giving you greater visibility with fewer clicks. You no longer need to navigate between tabs to see assignments, due dates, visibility or timeline details.

Highlights include:

  • All your most relevant information available at-a-glance

  • A consistent design for emails, notes and tasks, and across the mobile app.

  • The option to reveal all colleagues who have visibility over the email, task or note

  • One single modal to add to a work item or contact



A simpler way to set up automators

You can now set a tasklist automator to trigger based on the tasks in ANY section within your work item. This update makes setting up automators much more flexible and powerful.

Previously, automators could only trigger based on activity in the current task section, the section immediately before, or all tasks and sections within your work item.

A common scenario where this might be useful is if you have an SLA to complete a tax return within 14 days of receiving client information. Now, your automator can trigger based on the completion of all tasks in the client task section, updating all other task due dates accordingly.


Quick access to Karbon Community

The new Karbon Community has launched (you know this, because you’re here right now!) —a place to connect, ask questions, share knowledge, and get inspired by other customers from all over the world.

Use your existing Karbon login to access the Community directly from the Karbon app. You'll see a link in the main menu directly below your name, and also from the Help & Feedback section.

Once you're logged in, introduce yourself to other members with a quick hello, ask a question, share your best Karbon tip, or contribute to an existing discussion.


Improvements to the Timer

Our Timer was released in June, giving you the ability to track your time within Karbon and record it against the relevant work item or contact.

We have released lots of improvements and bug fixes based on your feedback, which now gives you a vastly improved time-tracking experience. If you haven't used the Timer yet, check it out!



Okay Community, let’s hear it! How will this new automator flexibility help you improve your workflows? Share and ask questions in the comments below… 

Awesome updates! Timer is working really well for me now

The side tray updates look great also

One feature I’d love on the side tray is to know which colleagues have notifications turned on for this conversation (either because it came to/from them, they have been tagged or have manually turned on notifications).

Even just a dot next to their name:
- green dot (notifications on)
- grey dot (notifications not on - i.e. they have access to the conversation but have never been notified by it)
- red dot (notifications were on, but have been turned off)

Nice clean UI update

I’d like to see timesheet entries able to be triggered off the side tray - that would save alot of clicks when we are needing to put time on work due to emails hitting the inbox

Great Updates! :hugging:

Hopefully we can have an option in Karbon Time soon where we can add notes even before we have paused or stopped the Timer. 

And an option to have a Web notifications, too :smile:

How do I active/add the Add to my week options on the side tray?

Love the automator flexibility - already experimenting with it where sections are being worked on by team members at the same time but after the initial or client sections sections are complete.  I’m excited to dig in deeper.

And the side tray - YEAH!  Especially nice on the tasks, that visibility is incredibly helpful.

Glad to see the automator update -- this means way less time updating workflow due dates when we haven’t received something from a customer yet.


I would love to see a “Go to work” button within the timer -- I start the timer before I navigate to the Work. Currently, I have to search for the Work two times: once when I start the timer, and a second time when I want to navigate to the work. It would be helpful if I could just start tracking my time and navigate to the work with a push of a button.

How do I active/add the Add to my week options on the side tray?


Keen eye! And a great question. That screenshot was from our developer environment. The My Week feature is getting close, but hasn’t released just yet. You’ll see an announcement here in Community when it does!


Make sure you’ve seen our latest product roadmap session for more info on what we’ve got up our sleeves...

My Week feature will be a game-changer for those who are believers of Daystructuring!  Can’t wait @evanrnhall!

Nice clean UI update

I’d like to see timesheet entries able to be triggered off the side tray - that would save alot of clicks when we are needing to put time on work due to emails hitting the inbox


YES! THIS! that would be amazing

I am really enjoying the new side tray and seeing all the information at a glance.  It’s great to hear other suggestions and comments.  Makes me excited to try some of the features I am not using yet.