Karbon Becomes a Xero Certified App

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It’s a big day for Karbon and Xero customers!

Karbon is now a Xero Certified App. And in just a few weeks you’ll be able to integrate Xero Practice Manager and Karbon to automatically synchronise contact data between both systems.

Joint Xero and Karbon customers will be able to maintain accuracy across their new and existing client and contact records, without the need for manual updates. Read the full Press Release

We’re so excited, hope you are too!  



Cheering 🙌🏾

Just yesterday I was lining up someone for a low/no-code automation between XPM <> Karbon to make up for the lack of integration, now my wish has been granted 😅

Glad to hear we’re fulfilling your wishes @SamG 😁 It is great to be connecting soon

What about Jobs and tasks?

Hi @Steven Vrettos,

I believe it’s only Contacts at this stage 🙂 and probably unlikely to be Jobs and Tasks as that would be running two systems in parallel for the same purpose, which wouldn’t make business sense to do.