Introducing Email Insights

Introducing Email Insights
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In case you missed it, earlier this year we launched the general release Email Insights to Karbon.

In my opinion, the best thing about Email Insights is that it doesn’t just give you some charts with no real purpose. It provides you with genuinely useful information about how your team is using email, that will drive behavioral improvements, identify coaching opportunities, and save time across your firm.  

You can see things like:

  • Daily email volume across your firm, or for specific clients or employees

  • Average email response times

  • How client communication compares month-on-month

  • The clients that consume your team's time most

  • The team members most effective at managing Triage

  • The busiest times of the day for sending and receiving email

  • How effective your team is at anticipating client questions

Learn more about what Email Insights can do.



You can trial Email Insights for 14 days. After your trial expires, full access to Email Insights costs $10/month, per user.

Alternatively, you can opt to continue with the free version of Email Insights, which provides each team member with their own email activity for the current month, but no filters or team-wide data.


Have you explored Email Insights with your team yet? We’d love to hear what impact it is having in your firm.

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Will there be any new developments to this in the near future? thanks!

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Currently exploring in the short-term to allow for custom dates and/or quarter / semi-yearly dates. Further development is in consideration at this point for sometime in calendar year 2021 @jcarufe .

Does the Insights Email feature charge $10 for every user or only for the ones you want to have access? If we activate the feature, will it charge us for all the users in Karbon?

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We use the Insights - Volume of Email in Triage as a mini contest.  You always want to be at the bottom of the list and if you can post a picture of the cleared Triage graphic.  If the numbers start to look bad company wide during the week, we sometimes designate an hour of everyone’s time to working Triage.  We try to respond to any client requests, add things to our To-Do List or move an item to a colleague when appropriate.  That chunk of time devoted to cleaning up Triage is extremely helpful.