Internal comments on Client Tasks, and more!

  • 27 July 2021
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Originally from July 4, 2021 

Two highly-requested updates have been released to Karbon: internal comments on Client Tasks, and the ability to add a note to multiple timelines. 

Internal comments on Client Tasks

Client Tasks are an easy way to collaborate, communicate and share documents with your clients. Now, you can have internal discussions with team members against these tasks too. And critically, clearly distinguish between what your client can see, and what they cannot.

A new option can be found at the top of every new Client Task comment. Toggle between Internal to leave a comment just for your team's eyes, and External to share with your client.

To make it absolutely clear what can be seen by your client, external comments will always appear in pink. While internal comments appear in the blue that you're familiar with on all other comments throughout Karbon.

Add a note to multiple timelines

You can now add an internal note against more than one work timeline. Simply choose the Add To Work option from the note's options menu or information tray, and search and choose for any additional work items.

Other updates

  • Exports of timesheet data now include a column for ClientID


Are you more likely to use internal comments on Client Tasks for documentation or to collaborate with colleagues? Perhaps a third option? Share and discuss in the comments!

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I don’t know if anyone else is using this, but this has been HUGE!! Thanks.

What I would LOVE even more would be to be able to assign client tasks to an internal staff member. I use a pretty robust follow-up system of assigning emails and tasks to myself, adjusting the due date, and then leaving notes for every interaction.

As good as Karbon is at chasing clients for documents, we still like to make phone calls to request documents if we don’t get them right away. The blue comments in client tasks make it so that this would be possible with the specific client task… if I could assign it to myself.