What job interview questions do you ask to help decide on the right candidate?

  • 15 September 2021
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We’ve run several surveys over the years at Karbon to determine the biggest barriers and challenges firm owners and managers are faced with. Every single time, something around finding great staff comes out on top. 

In fact, the #1 most-read article in Karbon Magazine several years has been this one:

30 interview questions to help you identify the best candidate

There are many steps to finding your next great staff member, but few are as critical as the interview. It’s your best opportunity to learn and analyze a candidate for a role in your firm. You not only want to know if they can do the job in question, but you want to make sure that they will be a great fit with your team culture. 

Each role requires different skills and the interview questions should be tailored to each specific position. And of course there is the popular STAR method to ask situational interview questions and understand how a candidate is likely to behave and resolve challenges they are face with.

Seeing as this is such a popular topic, and so many Karbon-using firms are growing so rapidly, we thought we’d open a discussion on this. 

We’d love to hear your go-to interview questions below!

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