Share your experiences with automating client experiences

  • 21 October 2021
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We’ve recently published an article on Karbon Magazine, asking the question: Client relationships can be automated, but should they?

This can be quite a difficult question to answer, with many ‘ifs and buts’, so we thought we would invite Karbon Community members to share their experiences.

Beyond Client Tasks in Karbon, how are you driving greater efficiencies through client collaboration and automation, and how are you you ensuring you’re not neglecting the human element?

In the article, we share how, at Karbon, we use a combination of automation and human interaction to make sure we’re striking the right balance for everyone involved.

Looking forward to reading your take on the topic.

1 reply

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This is a great article.  Finding the balance that works for the client and for the team is ongoing.

We leverage automation for obtaining signatures and gathering documents but it’s clear we have to manage that.  Just picking up the phone goes such a long way, even when it’s to remind the client to respond to notifications. 

We need to get over the concern that we are ‘bothering’ the client when we call them, I find my team can freeze when the automation doesn’t work only to find, when they finally do touch base in person that the client is actually happy to hear from them.

‘If you’re still wondering whether your client relationships should be automated, think about your own interactions with vendors, businesses and consumer brands you purchase from or interact with online.’

In my opinion this :point_up_tone1: is key.  How many times did Mom remind us to treat others as we expect to be treated?