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  • 13 August 2021
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Overcoming the challenges of remote work


Some people have always loved remote work. Others grew to love it when they were forced into it during the pandemic. And of course there are some people who view remote work as a means to an end and can’t wait for the permanent return to offices 


No matter what your opinions are of working from home, you need to acknowledge the negatives that, left unaddressed, can be pretty problematic. Negatives like: 

  • ​​Isolation

  • The temptation to be ‘always on’, never truly disconnecting from work and your devices

  • Dealing with distractions

  • Staying physically and mentally healthy

Knowing that remote work is here to stay at least in some capacity, and in many areas of the world will continue to be the only safe way to work for some time, I am taking the steps to make remote work as successful as possible. 

So, what am I doing? 

  1. I am prioritizing moving every day. When I first started working remotely, I had a routine that included a daily walk out workout. As it got colder outside, that routine stopped being a routine and I suffered as a result. Knowing that consistent exercise makes me a better employee at my company(and a better person outside of work), I am determined to get back into a consistent routine.

  2. I am limiting distractions. This means that during work I am leaving my phone on mute and when work hours are over I am closing my laptop. 

You may even want to capitalize on the remote work boom by moving to a different region, now that being within a commute of their office isn’t a requirement.  If you’re considering this, there are steps to take to ensure your ideal location is  set up well for remote work

There are many other ways to brace for remote work. I would love to hear what you are doing to improve your remote work experience.

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