Documenting Processes: Not Exciting, but necessary

  • 23 September 2021
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The accounting profession is filled with complicated, interconnected, multi-person processes. That’s why you need to document and standardize those processes

I know, It’s not the most exciting task to complete, but if you take the time to document your processes, you enable your firm to scale more effectively, increase your team’s productivity, and ensure everything your firm does is consistent.

Think of it this way, standardized processes are the backbone of your firm’s performance. It gives you a baseline to track and measure performance against, telling you whether you’re utilizing all available resources, and allowing you to maximize revenue.

While I think standardized processes are important in every area of your company, I personally find it most helpful for training new hires. Just think of how quickly a new employee can get up to speed if they have a resource they can go to for each process. So, when it’s time for me to review my process documentation I always begin with onboarding processes because I find that saves me and my company the most time. I would love to hear what processes other firms prioritize.

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