• 8 October 2021
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Thanks for taking time to review the webinar on Karbon usage benchmarks: How does your firm compare. If you missed it, you can watch it below:


In the webinar, we covered 4 different options to evaluate your firm, your usage of Karbon, and how that compares with similar sized firms across the globe. Specifically, the webinar discussed:

  • Practice excellence: How does your firm compare across strategy, efficiency, management and growth.
  • Health score: How well is you and your team using Karbon today.
  • Scorecard: What features are you using and how confident are you in using them.
  • Usage statistics: On key areas within Karbon, how does your firm compare and how is each person in the firm leveraging and using those features.

Questions for everyone and your thoughts:

  1. What features in Karbon do you think you should start using? What has been the barrier to adopt?
  2. What features are you now confident in using within Karbon?
  3. What additional Karbon usage metrics would you like to get access to?

3 replies

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I love this. I’m excited for all the work that y’all are doing. I know that data isn’t the most exciting, but it’s really powerful for people who really want to optimize and leap past their current status quo.

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Awesome. I’ll definitely take a look. Thanks for posting.

Karbon optimisation is something we’ve discussed but weren’t sure how to manage or improve on, so loved this video! Thanks for posting.