Sorting email in triage

  • 21 July 2023
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Dear Karbon, Can you please add functionality to “sort” emails in Triage? If you have this, where does it exist? This is different from the search feature you already have. Your search feature does not resolve my issue. 


Use case, I have a busy week and receive 1000 emails. I cant keep up with my email and need to look at it during downtime.  62 of those are related to a particular client. I have no way to “sort” conversations related to that client, attach them as a batch to a timeline, and clear them all together. 


At present, I have to open gmail in another window, sort them, and then hunt and peck one by one in Karbon to attach them where they need to go. 


It used to be much simpler in gmail or outlook. I could grab all related emails, throw them where they needed to go and move on with my life. No w my inbox is severely backed up because of how long it takes to manually sort my email in triage. 

How do we resolve this very basis request?

4 replies

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Hi @Mitch Waldstein - there are few different feature requests which have been submitted related to this. Please add your vote to one/all of them! Adding comments to feature requests is also helpful as it provides context/ideal use cases to the Karbon team which helps them prioritize/design new features.


To expand on this idea, I would like Outlook level functionality in sorting and filtering in triage.  The filtering presently is rudimentary.  If you have alot of mail items in triage, you have to hunt and peck to find different mails from the contact.  The ability to filter by name would be a big improvement.  In Outlook, you can sort by name and Outlook will group the mail by name.  With the sorting, the functionality to sort by name  would allow for the grouping of contact items.

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Thanks for the extra context @TSchultzCPA - make sure you also vote and add comments to the existing feature requests I linked above! The feature request discussions are what Karbon refer to when determining which features to prioritize - this discussion is a question thread so possibly won’t get picked up in their feature review.

I could not agree more! The volume of emails I receive daily does not allow me to use Triage efficiently. I typically have to switch to outlook and sort by “from” so that I can effectively clear out by each client as quickly as possible.