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  • 14 September 2023
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Is it just me or is the platform moving further and further away from supporting Safari?

I am getting wierd results when @mentioning people, where you can select a name in the drop down box but nothing populates in the comments box.  I also lose the cursor completely when typing comments in the box, such that when I open a comment, I can’t tell if I can edit until I actually start typping and then only the 2nd or 3rd letter of what I’m typing comes up!

I regualarly have to clear out the cache due to random rendering issues and the Work screen is slow to populate after any change (like, 2-3 minutes slow), so I need to lan when I might need the information!

3 replies

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We use Chrome without issues - @Aliesa Jackson have you heard of problems with Karbon on Safari?

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@Ashley Rhoden Thank you - However, I am a Mac user and prefer my browser without the security leaks of a sieve!  I do also use Firefox and don’t seem to have the same problems but my browser of choice, for a number of reasons, is Safari.  It’s frustrating when major practice software like Karbon doesn’t seem to adequately support what must be one of the top 3 or 4 browsers.

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Hi @Chris Gascoyne - for bugs like this I’d definitely encourage you to log a support ticket. A loom video or screenshots is always helpful in resolving issues like these.