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Welcome to the Community! 


We’d love to get to know you a better, so please introduce yourself! Here are somethings you can add to your introduction: 

  • Your Name
  • What you do
  • Favorite aspect of your job
  • Favorite hobby to do outside of work 
  • Fun fact about yourself

Reply with a quick introduction so we can get to know you better! :blush:

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  • Your Name -- Matt Denny
  • What you do -- Partner/CPA
  • Favorite aspect of your job -- Helping people minimize their tax liabilities while remaining within the law
  • Favorite hobby to do outside of work  -- Historical reenactment
  • Fun fact about yourself -- Former Montana legislator and RNC state chairman
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  • Your Name -- Johann Goree
  • What you do -- Group Managing Director of the OnPoint Accounting Group based in Scotland, UK
  • Favorite aspect of your job -- seeing our clients love their business and our team love there jobs. Also love being on podcasts, filmed for marketing etc
  • Favorite hobby to do outside of work  -- Gardening and eating out
  • Fun fact about yourself -- Im a Chartered Manager and love leading teams and people. 
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Welcome to the community @Johann Goree! 😀


Hi everyone. My name is Linda Strauss. I am the practice manager of a small (but growing) accounting  firm in Johannesburg, South Africa

My favourite aspect of my job is without a doubt making a difference and being able to give people peace of mind. I am very organised and thrive on achieving the goals I set for myself. I am very focused on development and helping people grow, individually and in a team. 

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love entertaining and being creative with food and table settings. 

Fun fact….hmmmm... tough one. I’m trying to learn French. It’s a slow process :-)


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Hello @Linda Strauss! Welcome to the community. 😀

  • Your Name → Adolfo Marquez
  • What you do → I’m the marketing manager for MBS Accountancy. I spend my days thinking, planning, and creating social posts, articles, SEO plans, SEO audits, etc.
  • Favorite aspect of your job: I love getting paid to learn. I have an insatiable curiosity about, well, anything. IMO, marketing ideas are everywhere. 
  • Favorite hobby to do outside of work: Delete and re-install twitter on my phone
  • Fun fact about yourself: I’m Mexican but enjoy Chinese food over Mexican cuisine. 
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Hello @Adolfo Marquez,

Welcome to the Karbon community! I’m eager to see your comments on some of the marketing-related posts here. I am still trying to figure out how to successfully market bookkeeping services, lol.

See you around the community. 😀