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We’d love to get to know you a better, so please introduce yourself! Here are somethings you can add to your introduction: 

  • Your Name
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  • Favorite aspect of your job
  • Favorite hobby to do outside of work 
  • Fun fact about yourself

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Hello everyone!

Your Name : Cherie Coscos

What you do : I am one of the bookkeepers of Community Financials that offers bookkeeping services in the US. We communicate to our clients using Karbon.

Favorite aspect of your job : Doing my job passionately and like to help our clients to have their financial correctly.

Favorite hobby to do outside of work : As of now I really like watching cooking videos and the same I like to cook.

Fun fact about yourself : My 1st bicycle ride was so fun with my grandfather we go to the farm and harvest some banana and we cannot longer make a ride on our bicycle because it is full of bananas.