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Hi I’m Stuart, CEO & Co-Founder of Karbon. Thought I’d kick things off! What do I do? My primary job as CEO is to ensure that the company is sufficiently capitalized and therefore hire great people to build wonderful software for our customers so that our mission and purpose are realized to the greatest extent possible.

My favourite aspect of the job is seeing the delight and joy our users receive from the utilizing our platform. The way that it makes their job easier. The time that it gives back to their families and the efficiency and productivity and profitability that it provides the firms that they founded or work in.

Our family live in Incline Village, NV, USA and and this was a deliberate choice to enjoy our favourite activities such as boating, hiking, skiing and just being outdoors as much as possible. Like in this picture.


Fun fact about me, I ran 1500m in 4m 12s as a 15 year old!


Enjoy the community and we look forward to being ever more engaged with our customers and your success. :)


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Hello everyone


Anastasis Mouktaris here, partner of Mouktaris & Co Chartered Accountants based in London! - is my Linkedin


I love the variety of practice life and being creative/collaborative to leverage solutions, especially in tax. I also take great satisfaction in engraining a tech-mindset (especially to “old schoolers”) to gain efficiencies (majored in economics).


Mad about football (playing and watching), residential property, Victor ludorum of high school (sole/greatest sporting achievement!) and currently learning new phrases such as “concept” and “budget” in planning my wedding next September!


Let’s connect.

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Hello, I am Victoria Peters, COO at Envolta Inc.  I truly love the challenges my team brings to me every day.  We are a growing, 90% virtual firm, fully cloud integrated and my history is over 35 years in the old school traditional accounting industry - the challenges create themselves!   

My Linkedin if you would like to connect.

My job revolves a lot around processes and systems and making sure our teams are working well, our clients are enjoying the experience and we all have the work life balance we want.  It is a work in progress.

I love to be outdoors but I must admit I have traded in the canoe and tent for an RV and full on ‘glamping’.  Give me a campfire and clear view of the stars and stress melts away.

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Hello, I am Victoria Peters, COO at Envolta Inc.  I truly love the challenges my team brings to me every day.  We are a growing, 90% virtual firm, fully cloud integrated and my history is over 35 years in the old school traditional accounting industry - the challenges create themselves!   

My Linkedin if you would like to connect.

My job revolves a lot around processes and systems and making sure our teams are working well, our clients are enjoying the experience and we all have the work life balance we want.  It is a work in progress.

I love to be outdoors but I must admit I have traded in the canoe and tent for an RV and full on ‘glamping’.  Give me a campfire and clear view of the stars and stress melts away.

Hi Victoria, Welcome - nice to “see” you again :)

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Hi everyone! Lachie here, I’m the Head of Marketing at Karbon, where I’ve worked for nearly 5 years now. It’s quite scary how quickly the time has flown. I’m responsible for our brand, content, website, and all other activities that help drive interest in Karbon. 

My favourite part of my job is that despite working from home in Mornington, Australia (a small-ish town by the beach, outside of Melbourne), I get to work with a great team and speak every day to customers from all over the world. That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited that we have finally launched this community! I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all a lot better.

I love my sport, particularly Aussie Rules football and cricket, which I know will be foreign to a lot of you! And I’ve been running quite a bit during our COVID lockdown. Though there is no way that I would come close to beating 15-year old @Stuart McLeod over 1500m!

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Hi everyone!  I’m Andi.

As head of Success, Support & Services, my role is to ensure everyone has the resources they need to get up and running on Karbon all while having a delightful experience.

My favorite aspect of the job is helping firms achieve their Karbon goals whether it’s with time-savings improvements, or gaining visibility across work, clients and/or employees.

When I’m not at work, you can catch me enjoying a delicious glass of California red wine, strolling around my neighborhood with my family or reading a good book.

Fun fact:  I’m a sucker for a Hallmark movie, especially during Christmas.

Great to have you in our Karbon Community. Engage, Elevate and Enjoy!

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Hi everyone! I’m Mike. I co-founded Basis 365 Accounting in 2012. We’re based in Southern California. Our team is 100% remote with 18 team members spread across California, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, and Malaysia. 

Prior to starting Basis, I was an audit partner at a CPA firm. My business partner, who was also an auditor, and I, wanted to sit on the same side of the table with our clients and to help them build their dream so we started Basis. 

As former Wolters Kluwer/CCH guys we mucked around in their paperless engagement software division. We’ve always looked to technology to improve the accounting experience. That’s why being in the cloud, 100% remote, and using Karbon is so important to us. 

Outside of accounting, I enjoy reading non-fiction books. Lately, I’ve also developed a fascination for mechanical keyboards and fountain pens.

Hi I am Alastair, I run a sole practitioner bookkeeping practice in Margaret River, Western Australia.

I love creating order from chaos for my clients, devising systems to automate their business processes. Karbon has been vital in helping me organise and streamline my own business processes.

Outside of bookkeeping I am a cricket tragic - any format and any level. I find it difficult to drive past a suburban cricket match without stopping to watch for a  while. I am still playing at the age of 56, and I am  President of my local club. 


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Hello everybody!

I’m Curtis and a partner at True North Accounting LLP. We are based out of the Calgary/Okotoks area in Alberta Canada. We just recently opened our second office location and are excited to continue to grow.

We provide accounting and tax services to service-based small business corporations.

I’m excited to see how Karbon can grow and evolve. It has already been a tremendous tool for our firm and I don’t even think we are using 100% of what it has to offer.

Outside of the office, and being from Canada, I’m obviously a psychotic hockey fan and rec league hockey player.

Hi all!

I’m Megan, Founder and Principal of The Mobius Group, a QBO-centric consulting firm focused on nonprofits. We’ve been around since 2000 and virtual since 2015, which is also about when we started using Karbon - so long ago that Andi actually trained my team and we projected her on the TV via ChromeCast!

I also created and admin the QuickBooks for Nonprofits group on Facebook, which is exactly what it sounds like.

I don’t touch tax, and have some Imposter Syndrome around accounting in general, having been a theatre major (focus on directing) before stumbling into nonprofit finance.

Outside of work, I can be found taking my dogs on long walks through the neighborhood while listening to a podcast, working in the garden, or sitting on the porch with a glass of wine and a good book, as the weather allows.



Hi all, I’m Jeremy Wells, EA, owner of JWellsCFO, a tax and accounting firm specializing in helping real estate agents, brokers, and investors. Realtors are tough nuts to crack: they’re all about sales and making money, but they run whenever you mention taxes! I love trying to find new ways to communicate the importance of what we do for them while letting them stay focused on what they do best.

I’m finishing my final quarter in UNC’s MAC program and planning to take the CPA exam next year. My wife and I have a 3yo daughter. Between work, school, and family, I don’t have much in the way of hobbies, but I do keep up with European football, rooting for Chelsea FC.

I came into accounting non-traditionally. I majored in Political Science, earned my Ph.D. at LSU, and researched and taught about international politics at Texas State University. TSU reimbursed faculty and staff for tuition, so I registered for a few accounting courses (I almost minored in business in undergrad). In the spring of 2018, I realized I was spending more time discussing taxes and business with my students than the subjects I was supposed to be teaching, so quit academia that summer. My family moved to St. Augustine, FL, to be closer to my in-laws, and I’ve been building my firm here ever since.

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Hey everyone! I am Ian Vacin, co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, here at Karbon.


What do I do here at Karbon? I oversee everything related to our users and partners plus I am the resident process expert. I love meeting and working with all of you and learning what new and interesting ways all of you have customized Karbon to work the way you would want.


What do I love most about my job? Even during interesting times like this, I love meeting firms and teams like yours to learn how things actually get done. Everyone of you do the hard jobs of working with small businesses to support and elevate them which drives the global economy. Whatever we can do to help you become more efficient and more profitable ultimately helps those small businesses. So let us know what we can do to better enable your firms to be more successful!


Favorite hobby? For me, my favorite hobby is really just trying to live in the moment each day. I love to be outdoors, traveling, and playing sports whether that be with my kids playing baseball, soccer, tennis or golf, or training for a triathlon. I try, and recommend, activities to disconnect from technology (e.g. can’t take calls or check emails while swimming!). It is hard, and something I try to improve on each day.


Fun fact? Little do people know that one of my earliest jobs was a downhill ski racer. While studying at UC Berkeley, I was part of the downhill ski racing team. My preference and specialty was Super G, though I skied all 4 downhill race events including Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G and Downhill. Don’t ask me to race against you though. Since the injury that ended my career, when I do go to the slopes, I prefer to train others (mostly kids) on how to ski vs. trying to do what I used to do for a living.


Hi everyone! Glad to join the Karbon Community and share in the knowledge.

Name: Rubina

What I Do: I do systems and processes work for the Business Management division at Armanino LLP. My work can be broad or specific depending on the scope of the project. I work a lot within technology, e.g. trying out new software, improving processes within current software systems, managing administrative dashboards, etc.

Favorite Aspect of My Job: Getting to tinker and experiment with existing and new software, and finding creative ways to work better on different fronts, from staff onboarding to client onboarding.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Work: I love to write.

Fun Fact About Myself: I’ve been to San Diego Comic Con every year since 2009, up until the pandemic hit this year. Sigh.


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@rubina.hyder - As you know, I’m located in San Diego. So sad that Comic Con didn’t happen this year! I would have loved to see you dressed up. ;)


@Andi Ancheta :grin::raised_hands: Yessssssss! There was Comic Con at Home that happened all 5 days this year and while the panels were very cool, it was nowhere near the same. San Diego holds so many memories as I look forward to the ceremonial summer drive out there and back again.

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Hello, my name is Brooks Wheatley and I am a Director and Team Lead for System Six Bookkeeping.  I manage a team of five bookkeepers and oversee company operations as well is IT and cyber security.  My favorite part of my job is supporting my team as they serve clients and helping to gain efficiencies and provide increasing value to the services we are providing.  I also love continuing to demonstrate to my team the usefulness of Karbon!

Outside of work, I enjoy gardening, woodworking, BBQ, and fishing.  Fun fact, I have a ‘67 El Camino that I purchased when I was 17, and for a couple years it’s been in a restoration process that is almost completed!

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Hi everyone!  My name is Lisa and I’m the owner and Chief Accounting Nerd at By The Books Financial Services.  I just hired my first employee, and am looking forward to growing my biz.

Favorite aspect of your job: supporting all the small biz in my community - please are doing really cool stuff!

Favorite hobby to do outside of work:  dragonboating 

Fun fact about yourself: I used to play in a steel drum band for tips on the sidewalks of Seattle on weekend nights.

Hey everyone! My name is Heather Satterley and I am owner/founder of Satterley Training & Consulting and Satterley Business Services. I also am the co-host of a bi-weekly webinar series call the Appy Hour with Liz and Heather. My favorite part of my job is supporting my clients and finding new and innovative ways to get work done efficiently. Karbon has been key to my business in that pursuit! I am also a Zapier expert and love to talk shop, so hit me up with any questions you may have!

My hobbies include art and drawing, music, playing with my grandkids, adult kids, husband, and furry kids (not necessarily in that order). I also live by the sea and love taking walks on the beach.

Something surprising about me is that I play the drums. 

Glad to meet all of you!

@BrooksW We have a 69’ Chevy Camaro convertible! My husband has had it longer than he’s had me and did an amazing restoration job on it!

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Hi to all my fellow Karbonites!

My name is Heather Darnell and I run Ask the BOSS in London and we have used Karbon since January 2016.  We are a 15 person firm specialising in tech startups and owner managed businesses.  

My favourite bit of my job is training - not just training our staff, but also training our clients to understand and fall in love with their financial management reports so they can get real value out of them.

Hobbies are snowboarding in the Italian Alps (COVID permitting of course) and learning to play piano (I started to learn 2 years ago at age 47)

Surprising fact:  I used to promote and produce raves in Montreal, Canada while at university there in the early 1990s and did not see daylight hours for a year or two.



Your Name: Joe Carufe

What you do: I am the Managing Director or My main roles are leading the team with strategy, efficiency and talent integration. We have 20 team members across the US and serve clients across the globe.

Favorite aspect of your job: I get to work with the best team of bookkeepers and accountants across every time zone. 


Favorite hobby to do outside of work: Hiking, Biking, Running, Fly-Fishing. Anything outside.

Fun fact about yourself: I also enjoy running. I ran a 16:57 3 mile in highschool and I’ve been trying to get back to that pace ever since. With the pandemic, I’ve been running a lot more. So far I’ve been able to run 3 miles in 20:55.

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Hi all!!

I am currently the training manager for Aprio Cloud. I utilize my accounting background perspective to train, develop processes, and deep dive into understanding Karbon and how it best can be used by our firm. We have team members across the globe and work strictly remote.

I have experience with almost all things cloud accounting but it’s an ever evolving world and I continue to learn.

My favorite thing about my job is the team. I love working with team members that are talented and experts in their work yet still have a hunger to learn and always improve.

I am a photographer, mom of 3, GiGi of 1, and love to travel, play and home projects. The beach is my peaceful brain renewal place.

Hi Karboners,

Name: Chris Anderson

What I Do: I’m the Founder of Monthend, LLC, a niche firm focusing exclusively on the needs of construction professionals using Buildertrend.

Favorite Aspect of My Job: Helping my employees grow and become more confident people and practitioners.

Favorite Hobby Outside of Work: Golf!

Fun Fact About Myself: I used to race bicycles competitively and have been able to compete against (and get destroyed by) some of the top guys in the world.


Hi all!

  • Your Name - Matt Osterhouse
  • What you do - I work as the Firm Administrator for Scine & Associates. We are an outsourced accounting company that focuses on the needs of government contractors. 
  • Favorite aspect of your job - I love working with colleagues and technology to create sustainable business systems.  
  • Favorite hobby to do outside of work - Hiking and CrossFit
  • Fun fact about yourself - I also work part-time as a professional soccer referee. 

Hi everyone. Excited to be part of the community. 

Your Name : Steph Hinds

What you do : I’m one of the ninja’s at Growthwise. I spend my days working with business owners. We help clients take care of red tape, focus on growth and automation. 

Favorite aspect of your job : Getting to work with entrepreneurs and business owners everyday who are passionate about what they do and always looking to improve. Keeps me on my toes and always learning

Favorite hobby to do outside of work : At this time of year we are getting ready to launch our xmas lights show. We have over 10,000 lights on our house that are programmed in time to Music. We run the show for the month of December and can have upwards of 100 cars a night. Always fun seeing kids dancing around the front yard. 

Fun fact about yourself : I spent my childhood swimming