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We have an Administrative Assistant who has shared access to our 3 Partner’s email inboxes. She has been helping them by doing an initial overview of their inbox to identify emails that could be delegated out to other members of the team or easy client requests that she could take care of herself. This was designed to help alleviate Partner time spent reviewing emails.

Since the mailboxes aren’t set up as true “Shared Inboxes” and the email address is already tied to the Partner’s Karbon account, the Administrative Assistant doesn’t have access to their Triage in Karbon. Now the Partners are back to spending too much time delegating items out of their Triage.

Does anyone else have a similar situation or know of a solution that might work within Karbon?


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Hi @Laura Rower

Good question 🙂 vote for this request and follow along the conversation:

When you say they have access now, is that in Outlook/Gmail?

Only option at present in Karbon is to:

  1. Setup partner’s email as a Shared Triage in Karbon (which requires changing the partner’s login email to a different email).
  2. All of partner’s emails would go to the Shared Triage (that both they and the VA could have access to).

Does that help? I’d be interested to hear how it goes 🙂

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They have access via Outlook currently. Thanks for the info, but I’m not sure that’s the best option for us right now. Our Partner’s would prefer not to use a different email for their Karbon accounts especially since we have everything set up for single login via Microsoft.

Glad to know this is under consideration thought and hoping to see an updated feature in the future.