• 17 August 2021
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Does anyone have a good workaround for Karbon’s lack of integration with Xero?


Best answer by Sue 18 August 2021, 23:16

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We use the online platform Practice Ignition for the generation of all of our engagements. PI links to both Karbon, Xero and XPM (Xero Practice Manager).

Once the engagement is accepted the jobs are automatically pushed through to XPM (where we record our time and calculate our write up / off), as well as Karbon (where we manage our workflow).

When it comes time to invoicing this is also generated out of PI and then pushed through to Xero - which in turns pushes through to XPM for the matchups of WIP.

It is a bit of a spider web but we have the same issue of Karbon not linking with Xero and needed a solution so we could still track WIP.

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We’re the same as Sue. We use Practice Ignition for all of our engagements. However, we use Karbon for both workflow management and the recording of time.


We use a integration software called ‘Zapier’ there are of course limits to what this can do but for what information we require to come over from Xero to Karbon it works great! Note: this does not intgrate with XPM directly but does to Xero Blue.


With the use of Zapier and Practice Ignition we are able to have all our required information where we need it. 

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We use Practice Ignition for all our engagements and have this linked with Karbon too. There is a great video on how to set this up (which we’ve done) and saves all the time with new engagements as the job pushes through.


For older ones, we use the reengaging as a way to check that there are no additional services and then delete the ones not needed.

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We use Practice Ignition as well.  On acceptance of proposals the work is automatically generated in Karbon.  Love it. Invoices are generated in PI and push to Xero Blue. 

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It’s not really that we don’t integrate with Xero, rather they don’t integrate with us! We’re always happy to build the integration - please go ahead and reflect your wishes upon your Xero account manager. :-)