Workflow template - when there are multiple linear processes (two or more outcomes)

  • 21 December 2021
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How would you handle a template that offers more than one possible outcome?  For example, if we have a 1099 work item and in the early stages we either determine no 1099s are required or the client tells us there are none required, how do we define the tasks?  In such a case, we want the conclusions and workpapers of the staff member to be reviewed before the project is completed.  In this case I would not want the next section, “Prepare 1099s,” to be triggered.  But I do want the work item to be documented in karbon. We also prepare 1040s for a client that sends us their clients’ returns, several of whom do not have to file, but we make that determination as a part of our service to them. This would be a similar case. I’m new to Karbon and this is challenging!

In summary, the early steps of the work item follow one path, but then depending on whether or not the returns are required to be filed it can go one of two ways.

Thanks to anyone who can help!


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We have a job that doesn’t have quite the same scenario but is an additional step that you might be interested in our process.


We are UK based and are running tax returns in January for filing at the end of the month. There sometimes is an additional payment that is made in July - but not always.


I have a step in our process which is to set up a job to remind when a payment on account is due. This is set up with the relevant reminder dates. If it is not relevant then in the original job, we mark it and close it down. It keeps all jobs moving and reminders set where necessary.


I know that this is a different scenario - but could you do something similar? Perhaps have a step in where if outcome 1 is what needs to be actioned, then tick a button move on and complete - but if outcome 2, set up the other job and mark the original as completed?

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Hi Coral,

Thank you for sharing your process.  it seems in my case that it could possibly be handled as two work items, one to gather the information and determine if a return is required, and then a second work item to start if it is determined that the returns are, in fact, needed.

This gives me something to think about!

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We also have situations where it makes sense to have the work divided between two work orders.  

In your case @Terri Svihla you could include a link to the second work order template right in the task description of the ‘gather information’ work order.  This is an example of what I mean.  When the link is clicked it will take them to the template - from there they could create the new work order needed.

Hope this helps.


Task created when additional work is to be set up on a separate work order


Creating work directly from the template


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We tried to handle this with different work items but quickly realized the work could shift in the middle and closing and opening new work items became very confusing. In the work below, the PREP THE WORK section has tasks that say to delete sections that are not necessary and has some direction on how to determine if a section is necessary. 

We have our entity reinstatement & termination template because oftentimes, we are reinstating to terminate an entity correctly, but sometimes we’re just reinstating. So have instructions to rename the work to the correct scope & delete the terminate section, that way nobody gets confused. 

We use this in our onboarding and a couple other places but not everywhere. Some of our work templates are “micro” with instructions to create a ‘full-blown’ work item if certain criteria are met. 

We started by mapping out the entire process and assigning the roles. That helped us determine where the breakouts were for the different tracks. Test the process a couple of times (even internally acting like you’re the client) and it will either feel natural or it won’t. If it feels to disjointed, start breaking it apart slowly and keep testing.