Workaround for Semi-Monthly/Monthly Recurring Payroll Jobs

  • 31 August 2021
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For semi-monthly and monthly payroll jobs that are due X number of days before the end of the month (depending on how they are processed, ie: Gusto, ADP) how are you working with Karbon’s limited settings to have accurate due dates so that Payrolls are not missed?

Since the end of the month fluctuates (28/29/30/31) and the payrolls are due X number of days before the end of the month + avoiding weekends, there is not an accurate way to set up these types of Payroll jobs in Karbon so that the due dates are an accurate reflection of when the Payroll actually needs to be processed. This is causing us to occasionally miss payrolls, especially when our team has to fill in for other team members who are out and when they are not familiar with when the clients payroll needs to be run.

What are your workarounds for recurring jobs that are due at/near the end of the month, but aren’t always due on the same day of the month? Aside from setting up each Payroll job individually (non-recurring) or adjusting the key dates for every job to accurately reflect what we see in Gusto/ADP, I do not know how to create these jobs in a way that accurately reflects when the Payroll needs to be processed. 

2 replies

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I struggle with this too!  The best thing I have done to avoid missing a payroll is to run my view for due dates in the Current Week & Past Due.  Then when I am finished, I run the view for Next Week to make sure none of the semi-monthly payrolls are missed.

I definitely think you should submit a feature request to the Karbon team, and suggest others on your team do the same.  I will do this as well, and ask my team to also!

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We have split our workload into 2 sections. We have regular work that has no changes (we call standard payroll) and have this work completed between 1st and 15th each month.


Our variable payroll we run and set to start on 15th to split the workload. The team aim to have this done and completed by the 28th each month and usually this works well because there is a weekend or bank holiday - but clients need to have time to set up payments too, so working to the last day doesn’t work for us.


We run a report on the payroll to check that none are missed and not many go over due. It does help that we have 1 team member who is responsible for the majority of our payroll work and she helps with the managing this as she’ll drag and drop the client card on the Kanban board during a meeting - this way we can see visibly where we are and pick up when she is on leave.