Work View Filter Updates

  • 26 August 2023
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I would like to gather your thoughts on Work Filters.

Currently, when a new work status is created there is no option to have the status automatically applied to current Work Views setup with filters. Each work view filter has to be manually updated to add the new work status to the filter, if appropriate.

I realize this may be the best solution for some as the filters can be pretty specific, however I would love to have the option to click a button when creating the new work status which would allow it to be applied/added to all Work filters. This would work like the current option of being able to add or not add the new status to All work types.

I would only put a feature request in if there is enough preliminary interest here.

3 replies

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@LD7E I have thought the same (including re our discussion last week) 🙂

Better to have it added in by default then remove it if needed, rather than the other way around.

This way, if you run a Work view and you see something and go “that shouldn’t be in the list”, you are prompted to check filters, update and save.

At the moment, you have to think “what’s missing?”, which is always a harder question to answer (you don’t know what you don’t know).

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Agreed, I would vote for this feature!

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Same here!! Or even a pop-up when you next go to work views with a status filter, like “hey a new status was added - want to include it?”. I’d see the same being applicable for work types as well!