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  • 24 December 2021
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I am modifying the 1040 template for our firm.  I have a Task in the Preparation step which has been marked “Waiting for Client”, however when I go to the All Work filters, I don’t see this task listed under the “Waiting” filter.  How do I correct this?


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2 replies

Hi Jas! Welcome to the community. 

In Karbon, task status and work status are different. When you look at all work, it’s sorting your work by its work status.

It sounds like you have a task status set to waiting for client, not the work. if a single task is set to waiting for client, it won’t change where the work shows up.

Try changing the work status (at the top near the title) and see if it shows up as expected in All Work.

If I’m not making sense, would you send a screenshot so that I can get a better idea about your situation?

Does that help at all?



yes, very helpful. Thanks for the explanation. :sunglasses: