Work Not appearing in Unbilled Billings

  • 22 September 2023
  • 7 replies

We have created a work item and input time against the work.

However when we go into unbilled items in the billings - the Work is not appearing.


How do we fix this?

7 replies

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@Michael Mazey is it only one work item that’s not appearing? (but others are appearing?) 🙂

On the Time & Budget tab of the Work item, when you click Fee Settings, does it say Time & Materials? Or Fees - Fixed Fee (and an amount)? Or Non-Billable?

It has Fees - Time and Materials



When I click the Fee setting - it has the following

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These must be two different Work items? One says 600 billed, the other says nil

If you scroll down to the Time Entry Report section, are there time entries that say Unbilled? 🙂

They are saying billed. - sorry it has happened on 2 jobs.


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That’s why they’re not showing in Unbilled 🙂 The Time Entries have been marked as billed (included on an Invoice or written off on an invoice). You could add another time entry (1 min) to get the Work items to show on Unbilled again, but the Time Entries won’t come back unless you Void the original Invoices

Thanks - all fixed