Work items with no tasks?

  • 9 January 2022
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I was wondering if anyone uses work items as a holding place for notes/emails at all.  No real tasks assigned to this area, but a repository for conversations/information.  Easily searchable notes/emails within the team.  or for other things...welcome any thoughts on this or current best practices and ideas.  Thanks!

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Hi @Wendy Barnabo Yes, I have set up a few parking spaces for myself.  I have set up a Hidden contact for myself and I have created a few ‘work items’ to keep notes and emails organized.  Some examples of the work items I have set up are

  • Newsletters that I receive on a regular basis - I will add comments and assign it to myself if there is some follow up I need to do
  • Articles 
  • Webinar recordings
  • Projects like a process improvement - I will park requests from the team, notes from meetings, research to help advance the project

I do not set a due date on those and unless I am actively working on it I have set the status to Waiting so that all of those work orders show up grouped together in My Week and on my To-do list as an extra level of organization.

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This is an interesting idea. I’ll have to test it out for myself. Thanks y’all!

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@Wendy Barnabo Yes! I do this as well with a private contact. And my list of work items is very similar to @Victoria Peters 

We actually train our team to do this as part of clearing their triage. They frequently ask what they should do with emails that aren’t related to a work item or contact but they want to be able to locate again or keep organized. I describe these work items as ‘folders’ where they can ‘file’ these types of non-client emails. 

We also created a specific work type for these work items so that we can filter them out of other metrics that we are tracking firm wide. 

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@jens That is great.  It makes me feel better that  I am on the right track using Karbon in this way.  Just curious what the work type name you use for this type of “folder” work?  Thanks!

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@Wendy Barnabo Our team members are called Stakeholders, so we simple call it Stakeholder Work.