Work in My Week with Reassigned Tasks, but They Aren't

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So I have work in My Week that has tasks that will be assigned to me when the automator triggers.  But in My Week, it says “All Your Tasks Have Been Reassigned”.  I go to the Work and I am still the designated assignee in the automator.  Also, my role with that client has not changed.

Can anyone help me fix this so I am not tempted to click on that “Move to Done”.


Thank you.


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Hi @Susan Vigil, that’s an interesting issue, and I think it should be brought to the attention of Karbon support.

@leigh FYI, it looks like there’s a little bug in how work displays in My Week when tasks will be assigned by an automation. The work displays the phrase “All your tasks have been reassigned” but I think it’s just picking up on the fact that the tasks are attached to the staff member but are not assigned.

In the mean time, Susan, you can safely move the work to done for now as long as your automation assigns the work back to you when it’s time for you to complete your task. When work is assigned to you, it always moves from Done to the This Week.

Does that help at all?

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Hi @max ,

That does help.  I was just afraid of moving it to Done and not getting notified when the tasks are actually assigned to me.

Thank you for your time.  I will wait to hear something from Support.

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Hi @Susan Vigil @max Max, thank you as always for helping!  Susan, will forward this question on to our support team and have someone reach out to you to discuss further.