Work in My Week when no tasks assigned

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I’m trying to work out why work items are appearing in my My Week, when I have no involvement. 

I understand that when you re-assign all your tasks that you still remain on the ‘Work team’, but even if I remove myself from work team, the work still appears in my My Week.

There are work items in my My Week that I have never had any tasks or emails assigned to me. The only way I can think I was involved as someone tagging me in a comment.

Am I doing something wrong?


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voted! 🙌🏻

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Voted. 😀

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@Kim Clemmer @Imbi Finlayson we’re just getting into using MyWeek and finding the same thing. I’ve suggested a feature to automatically remove people from the Work Team, although based on what you’ve said this may not be enough to get irrelevant items out of MyWeek, or stop them popping back up after moving to Done. Give it a vote if you think it would be helpful!


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We are finding this same issue happening a lot, as internal positions and roles have changed. We have been editing each open work item (even every work item in a series that repeats), the client team (from the client page) and the work team (from a work item page) and then moving all of the incorrect tasks to “done” in order to fully resolve the issue. 

Also wondering if a work item was created incorrectly and you were originally assigned to the work item or a task and then removed, I believe it would still stay in your my week (if there was a ‘My Week’ setting set for that particular work item).


Hope I’m making sense here.

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Hi @Imbi Finlayson! 😀

Work items only get added to My Week when I created them or was somehow otherwise attached to them.

Are other people creating work items and then they are popping into your My Week?