Work Around for lack of Tags / "Multi-homing"

  • 24 August 2022
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We have work that we want to discuss in our team meetings.  However, finding a way to create a list in ‘work’ filters is difficult. 


We did add a status of “staff meetings’ to work that we wanted to discuss BUT of course, that is messy.


What do you do to create a filtered view of work as an agenda of sorts for meetings?

2 replies

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@Ken Rogers This is a super interesting concept.  

I can see how status changes could be messy though.

I wonder, maybe you could create an “Organization” contact called Staff Meetings. 

  • Then on that contact’s timeline create a Note for each week’s staff meeting
  • Then as you come across clients that need to be discussed, go to the Note and “Add to Timeline” the name of the client.

Something like this:

I suppose you could also just also ask your team to list client names in the comments as well or have a shared agenda they could post to.

But if you want to use Karbon, I think I would do something like this and not disrupt your workflow with status changes.

Interested to see if there are other ideas!

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@kylenecarse Thanks so much for this idea.  I think this is going to do just want I needed!