When I put notes in a tag someone how can they see it in the task instead of just the Triage

  • 4 August 2022
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I am leaving notes like this for my Accounting Supervisor but when she goes to the task its not open like this it’s closed.  Is there a better way to leave notes in the monthly task where it shows when you open the monthly task?  


2 replies

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@Dan Yamamoto Do you mean it is closed when she is looking at the task on the To-Do list?  If so, you’re right, she gets pinged in Triage and you can see the comment on the task in the Work, but the task on the To-Do list doesn’t show any of the comments until you click on it.  It’s probably that way by design, but may be worth mentioning as a Feature Idea:  Though, they will be eventually retiring the To-Do list in favor of My Week.

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@Dan Yamamoto I tend to agree that the task notes sometimes get lost because of the collapsing.  I do think that was meant to make the scrolling less when you have many tasks in a work item.

To help with this, and the potential for missing an @Mention we now create a note then pin it to the top of the work’s timeline.  Then we @mention the person who needs to see the note as well either in the note body or in the comments of the note.  That way when you land on the work item, the note is front and center, and then you can easily expand it see the full notes and additional comments, if any.  

Hope this helps!