What tax software are other firms using that works good with Karbon?

  • 24 June 2022
  • 8 replies

I would like to hear from other firms what tax software they are using that works great with Karbon. We currently are using UltraTax and it doesn’t integrate with any other third party. 

8 replies

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following. We use UltraTax as well.

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We use ultra tax, and it integrates with SurePrep.

 SurePrep has an open api, so theoretically there’s a way to connect them.

Im also interested in learning about alternatives. 

Thanks for your feedback Kim and Max 🤓

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We use CCH Axcess so little no integration, but would love to try and figure out how to at least get client addresses updated!

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@Ivan Rios 

What type of integration(s) are you looking for with UT? Outside of Thomson’s native applications, I believe there is little integration. Excel is probably the only software that integrates. I guess Client information would be great between the two, outside of that I would be interested in maybe some other integration that I can not think of.

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I am curious if it’s possible to add a user to the database and get direct access to the information that way. I have been able to do that with other “closed” software platforms, but have not tried it with UltraTax yet.

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CCH Axcess has an open API.  I would love to have a common database with Karbon

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This is just a far-fetched idea… I wonder if a few firms from here in the community pooled their resources to get an actual developer to create a community-built integration for stuff like this.