What is your client onboarding process?

  • 27 January 2021
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We are looking at improving our client onboarding process - high level of the process below.

Currently, we launch a couple of onboarding work items and have triggers within that process to create work for recurring services as we are ready to begin that part of the engagement.  The reason we do multiple work items is because multiple teams are involved and some of the work actually happens concurrently.

What have you done within Karbon regarding your onboarding that has worked well for your team?

4 replies

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I’m following because I would like to know as well. We have been established for some time, and business growth has stagnated as we struggled to put systems in place to handle continued growth. Now that we are putting the processes together to scale our ability to serve clients, we are starting to get new clients again, which is a little new and our onboarding process needs some help.

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I’m following this too to make sure that I can learn the most out of Karbon. We use checklists and I think the automators and to - dos that can be assigned to colleagues helps the flow of works. I haven’t been using the automator/and to do feature ….  but will start on 2/1.

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Hi! I work in an Accounting firm - our onboarding process isn’t very complicated but I thought I’d add my 2 cents.

We send out client tasks to gather info like TFN, DOB, etc.

Then we send out a separate email for signed authority to act on the client’s behalf in the ATO.

Below that we have a section to add the client to each program we use - XPM, ATO, G Drive and a few others. 

This usually happens when a client books an appointment for the first time, so we go from there!

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I’ve seen several different methods to do this one of which is similar to the one you described.

The most effective method I’ve experienced incorporates the entire onboarding in one that is triggered by the sales work. 

The client onboarding work has a section at the top that instructs the person applying the template to prep the work item per the SA. There are sections for each department or team in the work involving

  • client set up (digital storage and data collection, software file and access requests, bank auths, invoice set up, etc)
  • Workflow automation team assessment
  • Account manager determination and training on client work
  • any other section or team you need in your process

This method has proven successful to collect the full onboarding in one work item for easy reference and prevent work overwhelm on work page.