What is best practice for Invoicing in Karbon workflow?

  • 3 August 2021
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What is best practice for Invoicing in Karbon workflow?

4 replies

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Our firm has been working on this and we don’t have a great answer.

We are part of the Intuit beta program for QuickBooks time two-way sync, so our syncing works like this:

Karbon <> QBT <> QBO

Karbon writes time and contacts to QBT. QBT writes contacts and time to QBO. QBO writes contacts to QBT, and QBT writes time to Karbon.

We have found that we REALLY like seeing who’s clocked into what, so we keep time in QBT and the time syncs back to Karbon and out to QBO.

Our managing partner takes the billable time that was synced to QBO and invoices it.

There are many nuances that I can cover further, but this is our basic setup. Was that helpful?

Most of our service plans are on flat-rate billing each month.  However, when we do have out of scope projects we track time & billing for invoicing upon completion. We accumulate the time using Karbon time apps only (not Quickbooks Time). This gives great real-time data of work in progress at the client level, and the work level.

We have found that its best to have a Task Section designed specifically for Time & Billing as the final section of all work templates.  This allows the work to efficiently be passed to our admin team, with partner notes in that section, for analysis of time & billing at the end of the workflow.

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This is what Karbon does well!

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We have a similar setup as the above reply. (Gary) We have a billing section in our work templates in order to keep everything in one place.

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Hi @max! I saw your post here.

We are setting up the karbon - QBT - QBO time/billing process.  Every step of this is new for us!  We have decided to use QBT to track our time as we like to track a start and stop time for each timeslip.  So, where I am struggling - it seems that the billing rates have to be set up in QBO, is that correct?  And, it seems that we would have to have a QBO item for each staff for each type of work they do because they have different billing rates for each different type of work.

In our old software we called them “work codes”.  For example, we would have a work code for “Individual income tax returns”.  Which I think this would become a “service revenue item” in QBO and a “task type” in karbon.  But, I could not find where we could establish a billing rate that would follow the timeslip and personal billing rate into QBO.  So, it seemed like I would have to have a separate “service revenue item” for each type of work but also for each employee at each of their billing rates.  Am I missing something?

I really appreciate any help anyone can provide.  And, if I need to clarify anything please let me know!