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  • 15 October 2021
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We now encourage a lot to use comments for internal communication. There is an indicator in the pane to show how many staff can see the message. But when I click that, I cannot see which staff has the visibility.

I am wondering, what is the quickest way to do that in current version of KARBON? And quickest way to remove those staff who is not required to be notified. 

and I would be happy to see if this feature can be added directly to show the staff name when I click on the visibility number. I am wondering if other peer firm may have the same need.  


1 reply

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I think it would be great to see who’s getting notified and who is just able to see the communication in whatever timeline it’s in.

In Karbon right now, notification is a personal decision of the recipient, not the sender. If someone doesn’t want to be notified, they have the option to switch it off here:

The only people that will get notified are people who are @name commented into the comment, or who are connected to the email trail as a recipient somewhere. In general, most people in the firm will have visibility, but only the people who are included in the email chain or tagged in the comments.

What I do in my firm is tag someone if I need them to see it and leave it to them to turn off notifications if they prefer that.

There have been some conversations about adding a little green dot or something for those that are receiving notifications, but I don’t think there’s much interest in having one person control who gets notified. I know I will sometimes turn on notifications to something that I’m not directly involved in as a way to monitor things as a manager. I wouldn’t want someone else to be able to take me off notifications.

Is any of that helpful?