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  • 12 October 2023
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Hello everyone,


I have noticed for quite some time that many, if not all, of our Work Items show “Karbon Support” under visibility section as an entity that can see details related to the Work Item on which they’re listed.


I’ve got three questions related to this: 

1. Do all users see this “extra” user on Work Items?
2. Why is this the case?
3. Does this mean that Karbon support has access to this level of detail within our work products?


Thank you and be well,



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Hi @Angeline_LLC , welcome to the Karbon community! 😁

That’s a great question. I believe Karbon has access to the information you put in the system, regardless if the support user has access. In my case, Karbon has used the support user to understand issues I was having from a user standpoint, so it was valuable for us.

@Amelia Freeman, do you have any insight on this, or do you know someone who would be able to provide a better answer than mine?

Thanks, Max!!   Yes, of course I would expect they could access the information on a case by case basis where there’s a record (support ticket) associating the access with a use case scenario - like providing support. 

I’m Just curious. Not a major trust issue for me.  But I’d imagine that for it’s own protection, there would be protocols for how and when employees of a company that stores such sensitive data would access that data.  So having “Karbon Support” just sitting on each piece of work with general visibility access seems odd. Perhaps there are back-end protocols that we can’t see notwithstanding the visibility setting.  Just being nosey.  🤤

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Hi Angeline 

The Karbon Support user is listed as a colleague in each account so would be appearing on the visibility section for items on public timelines. However, the support team cannot access your tenant unless you grant access to the Karbon Support user. Access is NOT granted by default. You can grant and remove access by navigating to this user within the colleagues list in Settings. 

I hope that helps. 

Thank you!  😊