Used Template to set up a client but only the current month work is showing

  • 11 April 2022
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When we were first setup with Karbon our karbon person set us up so that there would always be the next 3 monthly accounts task setup automatically 90 days out.  I setup a new monthly task for a new client and the new clients does not seem to be setup with the 90 days of monthly tasks (next 3 months).  Can someone tell me how to change the setting for that clients so it will do it automatically?

4 replies

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If the repeat settings have already been set, you can navigate to the repeat settings either choosing the “repeats” at the top of the work item (as @max shows above) and seen here:

You can also click the three dots in the upper right and choose “Edit Repeating Work”



And click any of the “Edit” buttons to then further adjust the repeat settings



Then adjust the work creation settings as @max shows in the “Work Creation” section



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Hi Dan!

Here’s where the setting is in Karbon:

Does that help at all?

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Max I must be passing right over it how do you get to that screen?

Thanks you advance.


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At the top of your work item, so you see this section?