Updating monthly work templates deadline

  • 29 March 2022
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Templates roll on the last day of the month to the next month.  So any changes we make to a customers template during the current month replicates in the next month.  We were told it does this on the last day of the month.  Do you know if it’s the end of day on the last day of the month?  I am trying to give my team a deadline to get them updated since it’s our first template rollover month.  Also I am 99% sure of this.  The work doesn’t have to be 100% signed off in a current month for the template to rollover right?  My manager is worried if she doesn’t sign off on everything the template won’t roll.  That can’t be the case because every client isn’t done every month every time.  Thanks in advance for your information


2 replies

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@Dan Yamamoto Are you referring to the timing of the task list creation for recurring work?

Yes, you can set that so that the tasks in the current work item are copied into the next work item in the series one day before the start date. However, I’m not sure of the exact time of day that those task lists are created. I tell my team to update that task list prior to the last day of the month (if it’s a work item on a monthly repeating schedule.)

Regardless of whether or not a task is completed, all the tasks on the previous work item will be copied over to the next work item at the designated time. If a task is updated or added, you can always reset the new work to the task list in the previous work item by click on three dots at the top of the work timeline


Click on Reset Work


And select Reset to The Previous Work Item


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 @Dan Yamamoto, correct, “The work doesn’t have to be 100% signed off in a current month for the template to rollover”


I believe the changes to the template (previous work item) though are done according to the schedule you have set up in the Work Creation settings in the repeating item.   The setting you have to be careful of, is how soon you have “Create Tasks & Budget”  

From my experience, any new items you add to the recurring work item will be generated when the “Tasks and budgets” are created, not on the month end.  It will also depend on the date your template is set up to repeat. 

I have struggled with this, because I don’t typically update from previous work items because it often brings client tasks in that I don’t want repeating (and I typically fall back on the actual template which is a manually reset and assumes few changes from month to month rather than the previous item), so I try to schedule the “create task & budget” out further (1 month before work start date or 3 months before work start date), so they are created sooner in Karbon.   

In your case, it sounds like you want them created based on the current changes to your template, so you would want to use “2 weeks before work state or maybe even 1 week.”