Unable to have no VAT cycle

  • 17 November 2023
  • 3 replies

When setting up a client’s Accounting details > Tax Details, I appear to be unable to leave the section for VAT (sales tax) period blank.

We have a few clients that are not VAT registered and need to be captured as such.


Is there anything that I am missing?


3 replies

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Interesting… 🤔

Ours is GST, similar issue that when I selected one, I seemed unable to unselect it.

In the basis box on the bottom left (see below), can you select None? Does that help at all? 

@Aliesa Jackson - is it possible to unselect a VAT period / GST/BAS period after you’ve (mistakenly) selected one in Edit tax details of a Contact? There doesn’t seem to be the option to 🙂


Hi @SamG ,

Regrettably no “none “ option either.



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Interesting.. dang. Have to wait for Karbon Support to let us know whether possible or how to fix 🤔