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  • 16 December 2021
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Hi all,

Just a quick query on how people track un-billable non-client related time within Karbon.  With the advent of staff working from home due to COVID mandates in our area I’m keen to track all work undertaken by staff, not just the billable elements and not just those related to specific client work (billable or otherwise).  Any suggestions as to how this is handled that would be greatly appreciated.  


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@Andrew We’ve created internal contacts (our departments as organizations) in Karbon and use a non-billable task type like this


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Thanks @jens.  How do you report on this to see the activities and time consumed - sorry newby here :slight_smile:

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Hi @Andrew 

If you go to the left side menu under time

You can get to this

You can filter it to show who and when and when you click on the down arrow you can see what was worked on and the time applied.  This report can be downloaded to excel but be warned, time shows up in total minutes and if you have expanded to show activity it will be on two tabs.

Hope that helps


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We have an organization contact that's our firm name. Internal admin time and efforts are tracked against that Karbon contact.