Triage Search Not Working

  • 3 January 2023
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Is anyone else having issues where searching for a work item in triage (e.g., trying to attach an email thread to a work item) doesn’t work? Most of the time I try to add an email to a work item the item doesn’t show up -- I just get a blank search area.

I reached out to support and they acknowledged this is a problem on their end, but it’s been 3 weeks now and no resolution. This is crippling the highest value tool Karbon has to offer.

As you can see, it’s not returning a ‘no results found for…’ message, rather, I get this:

[Karbon Search Error]


2 replies

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Yes, we have seen that happen a few times over the last couple of weeks - not always but often enough that we are starting to chat about it.  

I was going to reach out to support the next time it happened.  I wasn’t sure if it was user error or a software glitch - now I know.

I have found that if I change up the wording in the search a little I have had success - using the second word in the work order title or contact name.  Not sure if that has just been dumb luck - I mostly tried it because I was not trusting my spelling.

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Another thing to be aware of is if you search for “invoices” and the title is only “invoice” It will show zero matches.  I have this issue every month when I am looking for my invoice work item and I type invoices. 😀

The search is very specific and only gives results for exact matches of what you typed.  You can’t misspell the client's name or add extra letters to words.