Triage not syncing? (May 10 2023)

Is anyone else having issues with their email (in this case Gmail) not syncing to Triage? 


It’s just after 4pm Pacific and emails from at least from roughly an hour ago (right around 3:15 pacific) haven’t been syncing into my triage. 


Is this a known issue? If not.. are there any fixes? I’ve already restarted my browser (Chrome)

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@Amanda is this working now? If not, it would pay to reach out to support if you haven’t already by using the chat or emailing

Looks like everything that wasn’t posting came through eventually, just delayed by 3-4 hours. 


I did a quick check around 9:30pm Pacific and the emails were finally on my timeline. Though, not sure when they finally showed up.

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That’s good! If it happens again, reach out to support. They should be able to determine if it’s something with your connection, or a wider issue!