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I’m aware when a contact or organization is set up with an email address, and someone emails from that address, that Karbon auto-tags with the contact or organization.

We can have multiple people from an organization email us. 

The way we currently have things set up is the contact is associated with the organization but when they email in it doesn’t tag against the organization. 

I’d like to see it tagged to the organization because then it consolidates all communication under the organization. Especially because in almost all cases for bookkeeping, the work items are created under the organization, not the contact. 

I know that when you add a contacts email address under the organization, Karbon wants you to associate which is the primary for that email address - the contact or organization.

So, i’m wondering if anyone has a best practice for that auto-tagging of the organization if an email address is associated with a contact. 

I’m finding I have to manually add the organization for certain emails that I want to be tagged against the organization. 

I appreciate any ideas that might make this smoother.

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If you have all the email addresses listed in the details tab > Contact details section, the emails should tag to both the individual contact and the organization contact.  You can add multiple emails to this section.

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Thanks, @DianeK. I know that’s possible but I guess I didn’t want to break anything because of that pop up that comes up when a contact and organization share the same email address. 

I’ll give this a try as it sounds like it’s fine and won’t break anything.